~The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquids💄~

Hey My Loveliess💖

How are you all doing?? 

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a lovely time with friends, family & loved ones over this Festive season….

I, however take this time to enjoy some relaxation time with my lovely family & some yummy food ofcourse 😊

Anyways, today I’m here showing you the gorgeous & affordable

💄Matte Lip Liquids from The Body Shop💄

The Body Shop actually call these ‘Matte Lip Liquids’ instead of what we know them as ‘Matte Liquid Lipsticks’ but they’re the same thing, just a different name.

So The Body Shop decided to join this years hottest trend of ‘Liquid Lipsticks’ & Ofcourse because I Love The Body Shop soooo much I just have to try out all their new products.

These Lippy Liquids are actually soooo nice, they’re formulated to literally glide on effortlessly like a lip-gloss & they’re just sooo rich, creamy & have a velvety feel to them, it’s quite hard to explain.

I feel they’re prity long-lasting, lightweight & lusciously soft & the best thing is they’re all Vegetarian too & cruelty-free.

Available in 12 Shades, which I’m going to show you all now 👇👇👇👇  

~014 – Shade Name – Sydney Amaryllis~

~016 – Shade Name – Tahiti Hibiscus~

~010 – Shade Name – Cali Gerbera~

~022 – Shade Name – Paris Peony~

~026 – Shade Name – Goa Magnolia~

~024 – Shade Name – Tokyo Lotus~

~017 – Shade Name – Mauritius Dahlia~

There they’re guys….All 12 Shades of The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquids which retail @ ONLY £6 EACH, Can you believe that???? 

Absolutely Gorgeous 😗😗😗😗

Really hope you all liked this Blogg Post, as it’s been a long time coming, but I can tell you I haven’t stopped using these since the day I brought them. Will be back with a new Blogg Post next week, God Willing!

What’s your current Favv Brand for Liquid Lipsticks then??

Leave Me a comment below & let Me know 👇👇👇👇 

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Thanks for Reading!

Have a FAB Festive Season 🌲🎈🎁🎶

Lovee Alwayss💜


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